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Celtic Sea Salt 454g

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Celtic Sea Salt 454g

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Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salts contain a high percentage of mineral-dense sea water. This bio-available moisture helps our cells hydrate naturally. With hundreds of doctors and natural health practitioners recommending Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt world-wide.

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Product Description

Celtic Sea Salt from Grain and Salt Society

First of all a small apology about the exhorbitant price for this salt. Our Celtic Sea Salt is imported from the USA and the shipping charges are responsible for over 70% of the cost of this item.


Harvested  from the ocean using the sun, the wind, and shallow clay ponds. Pristine ocean channels spiral water into the concentrating ponds. The flowing mixture is stirred by the salt farmer, and crystals form and are gathered by hand. The ionizing action of the clay, combined with the artisan’s skillful method,  enlivens the unique, bioavailable array of trace elements that exist in a perfectly balanced matrix. Then as now, our product is unparalleled in the world. Less than 1% of the world’s salt harvest has the artisinal quality of Celtic Sea Salt®. Pure, moist, biologically active, and free from any chemicals or additives, it is salt the way it is meant to be.


“I’ve enjoyed using Celtic Sea Salt® for several years now. It enhances the flavor of whole foods and provides me and my family with a superior source of trace minerals.” –Dr. Christiane Northrup, author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.


From the Manufacturers Brochure:
Our product consists primarily of sodium and chloride. However, because of the unique method of harvesting from fresh ocean water, it also contains many minerals and trace elements. Every year, we have our salt analyzed by an independent laboratory so we can show our customers how our salt is different from other salts available. Every year, the results show that itlt is lower in sodium and chloride than other salts and higher in minerals and trace elements. Additionally, Celtic Sea Salt is tested to ensure that it does not contain any harmful pollutants-we are very proud to say that our salt has consistently proven to be the gold standard in safety and purity in the salt industry.


You will notice that many elements are listed as ‘less than’ amounts, such as ‘Selenium: <0.0002%’. This means that the amount of Selenium present in our salt is so small that it could not be detected by our chemist’s equipment, which can only detect that particular element in concentrations greater than 0.0002%. Selenium is referred to as a trace element, meaning that only minute quantities of the element are required for the human body.


You may also notice that Celtic Sea Salt is tested for things like lead, arsenic, and uranium. There are environmental levels of these elements present in almost everything we come in contact with. These naturally occurring concentrations are often referred to as ‘background levels.’ Everyone is exposed to low levels of these and other elements every day, far more than is present in our producy which  is an extremely pure product.


Non-Destructive X-Ray Emission Analysis of Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt
Sodium 31.42
Bromine 0.0403
Promethium <0.0011
Magnesium 3.12
Rubidium <0.0007
Samarium <0.0010
Aluminum <0.05
Strontium 0.0050
Europium <0.0009
Silicon 0.27
Yttrium <0.0004
Gadolinium <0.0007
Phosphorous <0.0395
Zirconium <0.0007
Terbium <0.0013
Sulfur 1.17
Niobium <0.0006
Dysprosium <0.0015
Chlorine 62.89
Molybdenum <0.0007
Holmium <0.0006
Potassium 0.64
Technetium <0.0009
Erbium <0.0007
Calcium 0.41
Ruthenium <0.0013
Thulium <0.0006
Scandium <0.005
Rhodium <0.0016
Ytterbium <0.0005
Titanium <0.0015
Palladium <0.0019
Lutetium <0.0005
Vanadium <0.0006
Silver <0.0025
Hafnium <0.0004
Chromium <0.0004
Cadmium <0.0035
Tantalum <0.0004
Manganese <0.0003
Indium <0.0044
Tungsten <0.0004
Iron 0.0284
Tin <0.0059
Rhenium <0.0004
Cobalt <0.0002
Antimony <0.0074
Osmium <0.0004
Nickel <0.0001
Tellurium <0.0537
Iridium <0.0003
Copper <0.0001
Iodine <0.0002
Platinum <0.0004
Zinc <0.0001
Cesium <0.0059
Gold <0.0004
Gallium <0.0001
Barium <0.0048
Mercury <0.0004
Germanium <0.0001
Lanthanum <0.0034
Thallium <0.0004
Arsenic <0.0001
Cerium <0.0023
Lead <0.0004
Selenium <0.0002
Praseodymium <0.0017
Bismuth <0.0004
Neodymium <0.0014
Thorium <0.0007
Uranium <0.0009

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    celtic sea salt

    great product i’ve been using it for a few years now and would never go back to normal salt

  2. 5 out of 5

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    Excellent Sea Salt
    Love this salt. I buy it regularly for my father’s health. he uses it to help his energy levels.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have been using this salt for few years now and it is a great product good for you and great taste, and synergy health provide a excellent service

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