• Chamae Rose Tincture 59ml 4.1 double extract

    Chamae Rose


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    The Most Amazing Undiscovered Herb In the World!

    What makes Chamae Rose so amazing? It is a very strong blood purifier and helps the liver, kidneys and lungs function at their optimal level by eliminating accumulated toxins. Most herbalists usually only recommend a detoxifying program for three or four days since these programs can also deplete the body of nutritional essentials that weaken the body.

    The most unique property of Chamae Rose is that it also has tonifying properties that appear to strengthen and purify the body simultaneously. Chamae Rose can actually give you feelings of increased energy while fasting or cleansing.
    Chamae Rose, botanically known as Chamaebatiaria millifolium, grows on the eastern slope of the Sierra Mountains. It’s a sparsely populated small shrub that grows no more than a foot tall. It is not reported to have any medicinal properties in any herbal. It is written about in Peterson’s field guide which claims that Native Americans used it for snake bites.

    But, at the site of the Etherium mineral deposit where we harvest it, this plant is so thick it forms the ground cover and can get up to three feet tall. The strong electromagnetic fields produced by the minerals comprising the deposit appear to have a profound effect on the vitality of this plant which in turn appears to enhance its healing effects on the body.

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