• Etherium Colloidal Gold 59ml

    Etherium Colloidal Gold

    The following statements and information is from manufacturers publicity brochures and website.

    While gold is the most sought after element, many of its medicinal properties are buried in the annals of time. Ancient cultures of the past consumed gold as an elixir, often prepared into a tincture through an alchemical process involving other elements. These cultures used gold in ceremony to access higher states of consciousness. Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet” at the turn of the century preached using gold to enhance communication.

    Colloidal Gold contains 99.997% pure gold and is completely non-toxic and effective at only 2ppm of gold.

     Evolutionary Advancements:

    • 99.999% pure minerals are electrostatically prepared into ultra fine, positively charged colloid particles that stay in suspension. These particles are 7,000 times smaller than red blood cells.
    • The negative electrical charge of the intestines allows the positively charged colloidal particles to pass through without being absorbed by the body. Completely non-toxic.
    • Promotes healing through electromagnetic harmonic frequencies, not biochemical action.
    • The de-ionized water medium is electronically charged with the composite frequency of the 54 mineral elements known to be necessary for normal DNA function.
    • Each product is formulated to a specific resonant frequency to allow the body to heal itself.

    Only 1 dropper before bedtime for general health maintenance.




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