Product Description

Premier True Colloidal Silver 500ml

Made from pure .9999 finest grade silver. With 10-12 ppm Particle size 0.001-0.002 microns


Until the widespread use of antibiotics in 1937 Colloidal Silver was a regular and essential part of all home first aid cupboards and with pharmaceutical antibiotics looking ever less attractive for non life threatening situations, Colloidal Silver is at the forefront of a wide-spread return to something more natural, and in many peoples opinion, safer.


A modern and at the same time traditional alternative to antibiotics, Colloidal Silver disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their metabolism. It mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms. It suffocates them in six minutes or less after initial contact.


UCLA Medical Labs found it effective against every virus they tested it on. Trace amounts of colloidal silver are believed by many to protect and strengthen the immune system. Premium True Colloidal silver is made in the UK and is an optimal choice.