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    Etherium Black



    The following statements and information is from manufacturers publicity brochures and website

    Etherium Black has strong adaptagenic properties*. An adaptagen is a substance that facilitates the body’s ability to adapt to a continuously changing environment. The body’s ability to adapt usually goes unnoticed by the conscious mind. However, there are those times when mind, body, and spirit become overloaded.


    Etherium Black, like the other monatomic mineral powders operate on the body solely through electromagnetic fields. It seems to have an ability to detect a frequency that is interfering with the homeostasis of the body causing it to loose its equilibrium balance*

    Since Etherium Black’s modality is electromagnetic, its effects on the electromagnetic dominant systems of the body, namely the mind and spirit can be significant*. Healers who incorporate energy work with their patients use Etherium Black to remove any negative energy they pick up from moving their patient’s blocked energy*.


    In stressful situations, it can evolve the mind to see a higher perspective of the situation*. Once a perceived negative situation is shifted from negativity to an opportunity, the stress is alleviated. Stressful situations weaken the immune system’s vitality.

    The most amazing thing about Etherium Black is its speed of operation. Unlike agents whose effect in the body is biochemical and thereby has to travel through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the blood system, its effect is almost immediate, creating a noticeable change in the condition often within minutes.


    240 caps, 28g powder, 30ml Spray, 60 caps


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