• Etherium Colloidal Defense 59ml


    Etherium Colloidal Defense


    The following statements and information is from manufacturers publicity brochures and website

    Colloidal Defense is a highly effective natural anti-microbial. Unlike many other colloidal silver products that contain excessively high levels of silver, Colloidal Defense contains only 2.4ppm of a gold-silver combination. It is electromagnetically formulated to the specific frequency of bone marrow which produces T-cells, the body’s first line of defense of outside pathogens, such as; foreign bacteria, viruses, candida and parasites.

    Therefore, since it stimulates the body’s own natural defenses, it is more multifaceted than conventional colloidal silver products that are normally only effective against bacteria.

    It is completely a non-toxic, colloidal silver-type supplement and safe for even small children.*these statements are in the manufacturers publicity brochures and to my knowledge have not been medically proven.

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