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    Etherium Gold


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    Etherium Gold an exotic monatomic element mineral supplement from Harmonic Innerprizes (formerly Etherium Technology). Available in powder or tablet form.



    Etherium Gold is a trace mineral complex derived from a natural occurring mineral deposit that provides relatively high levels of monatomic minerals. The modality of these minerals in the body appear to be solely electromagnetic, rather than biochemical.
    Product Description
    Thousands of people from all walks of life have benefited from Etherium Gold. Many athletes, especially those in the Martial Arts love Etherium Gold because it tends to promote greater mind/body integration.*

    Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine stated; “Etherium Gold powder is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation”.

    It works very well whenever increased mental focus is essential. This can be before an important career meeting or event, or simply wanting to pay more attention to a teacher or a public speaker. Whenever you want to be more present in any situation, Etherium Gold will keep you more focused and attuned.*


    240 caps, 28g powder, 30ml Spray, 60 caps

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    1. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Have used etherium gold for about 8 months now and find it has helped our daughter immensely. We were advised to try this by our naturopath to avoid having to use an orthodox alternative which we didn’t feel comfortable with. She has benefited from this product with it aiding clarity and calm, Service exceptional as always, thank you Synergy!

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