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      Flora Five was designed to provide the most effective delivery of friendly bacteria to the intestinal tract by utilizing a patented triple-layer encapsulation process.

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    Flora Five Global Health Trax


    The awareness of all-natural probiotics has become much more prominent in nutrition. Intestinal health is often taken for granted until there is “a problem.” The body is much better prepared to offer immune response when the digestive tract is strong and maintaining healthy levels of friendly bacteria/flora. Probiotics help regulate the microflora colonies throughout the entire intestinal tract.

    • Flora Five offers you Bifidobacterium Lactis, which is isolated from a Kefir culture (a fermented milk from Caucasus), and has been reported to support the entire digestive system.
    • Flora Five also supplies the body with Lactobacillus casei which has been found to be very resistant to gastric acidity and is able to grow very well in the presence of bile. L.casei meets the criteria to make a terrific probiotic.
    • Flora Five also gives you Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus which are two of the most studied probiotics studied offering significant support of healthy levels of bacteria in the digestive tract and overall well-being.
    • Flora Five includes Bifidobacteriaum longum which is of human origin. It is very resistant to gastric acidity and seems to be a good modulator of the immune system.

    While studies have recently indicated that probiotics may have an influence on overall health, direct benefits of healthy intestinal flora may include:


    • Maintaining healthy blood sugar level
    • Supporting the immune system
    • Enhancing vitamin, calcium and mineral absorption
    • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels within normal range
    • Alleviating bloating, gas and fullness
    • Relieving occasional constipation
    • Aiding in the digestive process
    • Reducing symptoms associated with food allergies
    • Increasing production of short chain fatty acids essential in elimination of waste from the body

    The active probiotics chosen are as important as the delivery system when it comes to making sure that the product delivers optimum results.

    Our extensive research has determined the probiotics listed below to be among the most beneficial and readily utilized in the intestinal tract.


    • B. Longum
    • L. Acidophilus
    • L. Rhamnosis
    • L. Casei
    • B. Lactis


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