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    Spirulina Pacifica® is a strain of Spirulina developed over many years of cultivation in Hawaii, it has been extensively analyzed by molecular biologists at the University of Hawaii who identified unique enzymes not previously found in other strains of Spirulina platensis.

    Spirulina Pacifica is a highly absorbable source of protein, mixed carotenoids and other phytonutrients, B-Vitamins, GLA and essential amino acids. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica has over double the carotenoid profile found in other Spirulina products. Hawaiian Spirulina is pure, grade AAA Spirulina, free of heavy metal contaminates, binders, fillers or other dilutants and is certified pesticide-free.



    How is Hawaiian Spirulina Produced?
    Hawaiian Spirulina is grown in the pristine environment of the Kona Coast, Hawaii where the ambient climate and pure waters lead to year-round cultivation of our nutrient-rich micro algae. It is cultured in shallow, open ponds adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. A combination of fresh water and  deep ocean water is used to fill the ponds. Food grade fertilizers are used and the deep sea water is added as a rich source of minerals and trace elements.
    Hawaiian Spirulina is the only cultured micro algae grown with ultra pure deep ocean water as a source of over 90 minerals and trace elements. The deep ocean water is pumped up from a depth of 2000 feet, supplying magnesium, calcium, and every trace element. This unique resource is also used in the drying system



    Why Use Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica?
    Customers choose Spirulina Pacifica because of the reliable supply, consistent quality and excellent value. It is produced using Ocean Chill Drying which reduces the oxidation of carotenes and fatty acids that occurs in standard dryers. The process employs a closed system which is kept at less than one percent oxygen by flushing with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This is a patented process, unique to Hawaiian Spirulina, which relies on very cold deep ocean water to provide dehumidification.

    Tableting Spirulina provides challenges because of the fine, dusty particle size. Commercial processors often solve this problem using a heat process called granulation which can degrade nutrients.  Hawaiian Spirulina makes tablets with a cold compression technique.

    Spirulina is one of the most concentrated natural sources of nutrition known.  It contains all the essential amino acids, rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene and its co-factors, and other natural phytochemicals. Spirulina is the only green food rich in GLA essential fatty acid. GLA stimulates growth in some animals and makes skin and hair shiny and soft yet more durable. GLA also acts as an anti-inflammatory, sometimes alleviating symptoms of arthritic conditions.



    Spirulina Benefits
    Spirulina acts as a functional food. It feeds beneficial intestinal flora, especially Lactobacillus and Bifidus. Maintaining a healthy population of these bacteria in the intestine reduces potential problems from opportunistic pathogens like E. coli and Candida albicans. Studies show when Spirulina is added to the diet, beneficial intestinal flora increase.

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