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    Many Candida therapies have antifungal properties. These products can be effective but they have unpleasant side effects since dying candida cells give off toxins which the immune system reacts to.


    N-fuzed Candida is said to  work in similar principle to a vaccination; getting the immune system to recognize candida as a foreign invader and eliminating it from the soft tissues and blood system of the body and restoring proper balance in the colonic tract. This process of elimination typically reduces the unpleasant side effects that are a natural by-product of any Candida therapy.*


    Candida albicans is a naturally occurring genus of yeast that lives in our intestinal tract with many other microorganisms; probiotics. Problems happen however when something upsets the balance of these organisms and candida begins to multiply and over populate. What typically triggers this is the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics and/or birth control pills. A diet dominated with processed foods, sugar, and alcohol will exasperate this condition significantly.



    Candida overgrowth is epidemic in our society and it is the underlying cause of many chronic disease conditions. While millions of people deal with it every day, millions more get no help since it is often misdiagnosed and people who have it don’t even know they have it. It is very difficult to treat something if the cause is not properly identified.



    There is no agreed upon method for diagnosing Candida. The best way is identifying all your symptoms, evaluate your diet; and if you find most of your symptoms listed below, and your diet consists of a relatively high amount of processed foods, sugar, yeast, and alcohol; and you have recently used pharmaceutical antibiotics or birth control pills, chances are excellent you have a Candida overgrowth.




    118ml liquid, 236ml lIquid

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      Having used many of the products on this site as we have a complex needs daughter, I am looking forward to trying this to approach the candida issue. Product arrived on time as always – exceptional service from Synergy and support every time we need it. Thank you

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