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    Tray grown wheatgrass juice is a popular product in juice bars and health shops.  If you are growing your own for this purpose, that’s fine.

    Tray grown wheatgrass is harvested after 7-10 days when it is 6-8 inches tall and is then juiced for consumption. It grows fast in these warm conditions and the plant has a relatively high level of simple sugars but has not had time to convert these into complex carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes and proteins.


    Our New Zealand Organic Wheat grass is grown outdoors in it’s natural climate.  It has much higher levels of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll than tray grown wheatgrass due to the significant differences in the growth process.



    The leaves reach their nutritional peak just before what is known as the jointing stage.  After this the cereal grows rapidly and the nutrients stored in the leaves of the plant are used to grow the stalk and form the wheat grain. The best quality Wheat Grass is harvested just before the jointing stage, when the grass is at its nutritional peak.

    Wheat grass is usually autumn sown, driving its roots deep before the winter’s dormant growth period.  Whilst growth is at a minimum during winter the roots absorb valuable minerals and nutrients ready for the coming spring.

    With warmer springtime temperatures  the wheat plant converts sunlight into energy, and uses the nutrients stored in its roots to transform simple sugars into complex carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients, resulting in lush, nutritious blades of grass.

    The cut grass is dried within an hour or two of harvesting using low temperature drying equipment to preserve heat sensitive enzymes and nutrients.  The best producers then store and process the dried grass in a way that minimises the loss of freshness and potency.
    Eating greens every day is one action that, over time, is likely to have impressive positive impact on your health, hence the recommendation to eat 5 portions every day.     As most people do not eat as many green vegetables as they should on a regular basis, supplementing with a mixture of green superfoods, including barley grass or wheat grass makes good sense.

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