• OxCgen . Colon Gentle Cleanse


    OxCgen . Colon Gentle Cleanse

    This activated oxygen product is an updated version of Nikola Tezla’s original Homozon formula and releases activated oxygen – a unique and powerful mixture of oxygen and ozone – initially into the digestive tract.


    After oxygenating the colon, the gases released by the reaction of these capsules with the digestive acids is then absorbed and distributed throughout the body.


    It is widely believed that a clean colon is pivotal for optimal health. OxCgen capsules have proven themselves to have the ability to flush matter from the colon and thus revitalise the entire digestive and assimilation process. If you have difficulty ‘going’ then try a course of Oxygen based colon cleanser. The resulting could surprise and delight you.  We would not advise becoming reliant on colon cleansers for healthy elimination.  If you have long term elimination problems and and fibre (fruit and Veg and Pulses) rich diet and sufficient water intake coupled with a light exercise program do not assist then it is advisable to see your GP to ensure constipation is not a symptomn of an underlying problem.



    • Magnesium 190mg as Magnesium oxide (500mg)
    • Ascorbic Acid 75mg
    • Sodium 25mg
    • Bioflavanoid Complex 25mg
    Weight .25 kg
    5.00 out of 5

    2 reviews for OxCgen . Colon Gentle Cleanse

    1. 5 out of 5


      I have had eight operations since the age of 18 to clear up infection caused by Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and for the removal of my gall bladder. The last surgery I had to divide adhesions throughout my abdomen and round my liver only made things worse and I was left with chronic constipation and a painful spasm in my small intestines. I am now 62 and 10 years ago a bad car crash left me with arthritis in my neck and spine. I also suffer with candida probably caused by the huge doses of antibiotics I had to clear up the infection that started me on the road to bad health. Having been told by the NHS that no more could be done I turned to alternative remedies for relief from daily pain and suffering.
      My experience with OxCgen tablets is life changing. Being the difference between using laxatives and feeling ill as a result to gaining symptomatic relief without the side effects usually associated with this type of treatment. These tablets are truly wonderful.

      However OxCgen alone was not enough. So I decided to try Serraplus. After the first few weeks I began to notice an improvement of many of my symptoms, the pain in my back and stomach was so much better and a cyst on my ear cleared up completely. I noticed a difference in many ways not least that I actually began to feel well.

      I now plan a longer course of both these products and hopefully can look forward to a better quality of life and a future free from pain.
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    2. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I have been purchasing (from Synergy Health), and using OxCgen colon cleanser capsules since the late 1990s. My brother introduced me to it, and I haven’t looked back since! I come from a Caribbean family, and it is part of our culture to have a ‘washout’ every once in a while to clean the colon and the blood. We grew up using senna pods and epsom salts as a colon cleanser, and I can tell you that it is the most unpleasant tasting, and gut wrenching colon cleaning you will ever experience if you ever try it.

      OxCgen does a much better job, not only does it evacuate the contents of the colon, it really does clean it! I can say that after using it for the first time, I felt lighter, my skin was clearer, I felt as if I had been on a mini-break – that’s how it makes me feel! I continue to use it and recommend it. I am a Nurse, and I recommend it to patients who tell me that they use colon cleansers. They always come back and rave about it!

      Try it and see, you won’t regret it! By the way, I take 9 capsules per day over 5 days for a good clean out.

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