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    Sweet Cures 100% Bio-Active ‘Waterfall D-Mannose’


    Waterfall D-Mannose Powder

    Waterfall D-Mannose is known throughout the world for bladder health. It works against all the most common antibiotic-resistant infections of gram-negative bacteria like E.coli, Klebsiella and Salmonella, and this can make it a life-saver, because after a few courses of antibiotics, when the bacteria have become very resistant, the antibiotics themselves can do a lot of harm.

    A completely natural product, Waterfall D-Mannose comes in Tablet and Powder form. Generally a single tub of 50 Tablets or 50grams of the powder is enough to solve the vast majority of urine infections. However, we recommend remaining on a small maintenance dose for some time after an infection has cleared to prevent recurrence.

    Waterfall D-Mannose can thus be used for urgent bladder and urinary tract support against full-blown cystitis, or as a prophylactic, to prevent the onset of further infections.


    More Information

    Waterfall D-Mannose is from a pure rare sugar called D-Mannose, and is similar in character to Glucosamine – the rare sugar used for joint health. It is a natural monosaccharide, and like all of the essential monosaccharides, it is essential for good health. Unfortunately it is largely missing from the modern diet, and although it is present in all of our body cells, not everyone produces enough of it to excrete sufficient d-mannose into the bladder, where its function is to protect us from bacteria and inflammation.


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