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Electronic Gem Therapy

Whale electronic gem therapy machine

Electronic Gem Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy which can be applied to a wide range of health problems. It was invented by British Research Scientist Dr Jon Whale over 20 years ago. It has combined ancient Ayurvedic tradition of using gemstones for healing together with modern day electronic technology. 

Electronic Gem Therapy uses a combination of precious gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds etc together with special filters. These are contained inside special lamps which are connected to an electronic unit with various frequencies and intensities. The colour of filter used is dependent on what gemstones are being used corresponding to the cosmic colour ray the gemstone transmits. The lamps are then directed at the part of the body that needs treating. The various frequencies which are used are dependent on whether the ailment needs calming down, such as an inflammation or whether it needs stimulating such as a leg ulcer.

Electronic Gem Therapy is not connected in any way to crystal healing, colour therapy, light therapy or electro-crystal therapy, it is a therapy in its own right. An Electronic Gem Therapist will not place crystals on the body it is all done by lamps, filters and various frequencies. Some of the conditions it is effective in treating is asthma, eczema, bronchitis, pleurisy, leg ulcers, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, frozen shoulder, sports injuries plus many more. It is especially effective at treating asthma and eczema in children. The average amount of sessions needed is around 6 sessions depending on whether the condition is acute or chronic.  

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A patient came to me suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which he had for around 10 years. It had been a restriction in his life because he could not do the things he wanted to do such as play the guitar, use a keyboard etc, even writing for a short time would present him with a lot of pain. A course of Electronic Gem Therapy gradually reduced the discomfort he was suffering, and after 5 sessions he said he could do a lot more things and for longer periods of time. Originally the pain had been in the whole of his arm right down to his finger but after the 5 sessions he said he only had a little bit of tingling in the tip of his fingers. In percentage terms he said it had gone from being 100% bad to 90% better after 5 sessions. He decided to have a few more sessions in order to try and reduce the discomfort further. In this case I had explained that he might not get 100% cure as he had the condition for 10 years and there might be a small amount of permanent damage in the very tip of his finger but the few extra sessions has helped the healing even further and to date his arm is significantly better.

By Michelle Passe M.I.P.T.I. – Swansea Healing Clinic For further information Michelle’s Facebook Page

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