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Skenar Therapy

The Skenar is a healing device which looks like a television remote control.  It was invented in Russia by a team of doctors and scientists for the benefit of the cosmonauts as they could not take drugs or medication whilst in space.  It was kept secret for over 20 years and was only released to the western world a few years ago.  It uses various frequencies, intensities and other settings depending on the condition being treated, for example whether it is chronic or acute.

The Skenar works by making the body’s own immune system work more efficiently and it stimulates the nervous system into promoting healing.  It ‘reads’ the skins resistance levels and sends a continuous biofeedback signal which is constantly changing to whatever the body requires.  It helps to remove ‘energy blocks’ which we call disease.  It is also a diagnostic unit which helps to detect the original location of a problem which ensures the correct area for treating.  During a treatment the patient will feel a slight tingling sensation whilst the Skenar is being moved across the skin.  It is safe, painless and non-invasive.  The main contra-indication is anybody with a pacemaker or other electronic implant.

Skenar is used by over 600 doctors in Russia and thousands of therapists and in the UK over 60 doctors are trained in its use, it is now gaining in popularity and becoming more widely known due to its phenomenal ability to promote the body into healing itself.

Skenar therapy has been used by the famous rugby player Dan Luger for the treatment of any injuries he might encounter.  It is especially effective in the use of sports injuries as it speeds up the healing process.  Conditions which would normally take months to heal can be reduced to weeks and conditions which would normally take weeks to heal can be reduced to days.  Skenar can be used for practically any condition as it ‘teaches’ the body to heal itself.

The number of sessions needed can vary, it depends on what condition is being treated, whether it is chronic or acute etc.  The average amount of sessions for a fairly recent problem like an injury or a frozen shoulder is around 4-6.

A patient came to me suffering from osteoarthritis in both jaws, after a course of treatment there has been quite an improvement but the most significant is the recovery time after any aggravation.  Before the patient had any Skenar treatment any aggravation caused through doing housework or other strenuous activity would take the jaws up to 2 weeks to settle back down, it now takes around 2 hours to recover.

Some of the conditions Skenar can treat include:-

Sports Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Respiratory Conditions
Muscle Inflammation
Ligament Injuries
Circulatory Conditions
Pain Relief

By Michelle Passe M.I.P.T.I. –
Allergies and Health
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